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Jay D. Glass, Ph.D.

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A Program for Overcoming The Challenges
Standing Between You and Your Goals


Dr. Glass, with a Ph.D. in neuroscience and psychology and an EMBA, spent the last forty years in two different professions: academic medicine and venture capital. This unique mix of training and experience has provided him with important insights into the traits of those who “make it” in both their personal and professional lives and those who do not.

The Clarity program teaches you how to objectively see yourself and others as they really are. By removing the distortion of the fog of emotions, you can find a true and realistic purpose in your life and make good decisions that will allow you to achieve both your personal and career goals.

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The Clarity training program is based upon the premise that professionals such as doctors and lawyers practice their professions effectively not because of any inherent intellectual capabilities over the rest of us, but simply because they have learned the concepts of their trade and a vocabulary that allows them to think efficiently about these concepts. The mental health professions are no different. If most people were educated in the concepts about how the mind works and given a vocabulary that allows them to think fluently about these concepts, they will obtain an enhanced and productive awareness of the workings of their own psyches.

Through a series of conversations with Dr. Glass, he teaches you a toolkit of the concepts and vocabulary of the behavioral sciences. These tools help you to remove from your thinking the distortions of the fog of emotions and bring CLARITY to your thoughts. You can then see yourself and others as they really are and think objectively about how to solve the challenges in your life. These tools will free you to make good decisions and experience the happiness that comes from finding a true and realistic sense of purpose and then achieving your personal and career goals.

The essays that form the tools are based upon real life experiences, many of which only someone with Dr. Glass’ unique background could have written. To take an entrepreneur with an idea and several years later have created a game-changing publicly traded company is a rigorous and testing experience. Dr. Glass has been there and done that and this is what differentiates him from any other mental health professional. Now in his seventh decade, Dr. Glass has been in the trenches. He knows first hand the pressures on those with significant responsibilities for the money and careers of not only themselves but others as well. Experience in both business and relationships does matter.

CLARITY of PURPOSE & THOUGHT, then ACTION © provides a toolkit for managing your life.

This website contains a toolkit with a dictionary of terms about how the psychology of the mind and its emotions works as well as several essays describing these actions in real-life situations (see Toolkit). In sessions with Dr. Glass, he will insure that the client understands this information and help them to integrate these insights into the reality of their own lives.
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